Natural Wood Kitchens

Isaac Wright and his skilled team of artisans are passionate about their work.

  • All cabinets are built with solid wood.  We never use particle board, chip-board or melamines. This creates a cabinet of incomparable strength and durability.
  • All face frames and trim are made of solid wood matching the finish desired.  All the wood for the same project are taken from the same source to ensure uniformity and consistency throughout the project.
  • All doors are made from solid wood. There are numerous details and panel options available.
  • There are numerous finishes available including stains, glazes, paint washes, and any combination of choices. The final finish coat is a catalyzed lacquer designed for the cabinet industry.
  • Isaac provides full design consultation services from start to finish to guarantee your satisfaction.
  • Our quality and service is what sets us apart.  We are here for you every step of the way.


Nance Kitchen and Laundry Room

Trail Kitchen, Office and Vanity

Woodland Kitchen

Filip Kitchen

Clary Kitchen

Taranto Kitchen

Wicher Kitchen, mantel, laundry and vanities

Barnes Kitchen

Cox Kitchen

Bowen Kitchen & Mantel

Gilder Kitchen

McDuffie Kitchen

Keyes Kitchen

Teri Smith Kitchen

Harp Kitchen and mantel

Roberts Kitchen

Ava Kitchen

Hessler Kitchen

Dark Wood Kitchen

Qualmann Kitchen

Clark Kitchen

Tozer Kitchen/Bathroom

Gravel Kitchen

Cillay Kitchen

Lee Kitchen and Custom Work

Rzepka Kitchen

Mutnan Kitchen

McGuire Kitchen

Keyes Kitchen

Cooper Kitchen

Goodson Kitchen